The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated how drastically and rapidly situations can change. Even without an extreme crisis like a global pandemic, our world is constantly changing and the issues the church of tomorrow will face will be much different than those it is facing today. 


Will your church be prepared to handle these changes in a way that allows you to flourish? The answer to this question depends on actions taken by your church leadership today.


The leaders who proactively handle the four considerations outlined in The Four S's That Keep Church Leaders Awake at Night — sustainability, succession, structure, and security — will prepare their churches to manage the challenges and opportunities in this ever-changing landscape.


This e-book is filled with insight, checklists, resources, and discussion questions to help your church prepare for what's ahead and flourish. You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess and address generational differences in giving at your church
  • Implement strategic resource planning
  • Budget and forecast effectively
  • Use dashboards and benchmarks
  • Create an effective leadership succession plan
  • Be proactive with your governing documents and policies
  • Implement the right controls and procedures to improve your church’s security

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